The Climate Change Reasons To Be Voiced During Biggest Planetary Forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live”


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The situation in the Arctic is catastrophic

The situation in the Arctic is catastrophic

There is evidence that the climate is changing. Scientific evidence will be shared during the online forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live.”

All together: for scientists, journalists, politicians, public figures, etc – it is much easier to arrange to brainstorm and solve a difficult task, to understand the reasons for what is happening.”

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DETROIT, MI, USA, April 16, 2022 / — There is a lot of evidence that the climate is rapidly and inexorably changing. Even skeptics agree with this. Scientists intend to tell the truth about the current events at the international online forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live”, which will take place on May 7. We won’t have long to wait, so we can take a closer look at the facts that are happening with the climate.

The upcoming forum is unique not only due to the volunteer message, but even this is very encouraging. But first of all, with simultaneous interpreting into 100 languages, which no other existing international organization can afford. This indicates the seriousness of the changes taking place in society. In fact, it is a global trend, or even a demand for the truth, expressed in a format of the live broadcast.

So, the climate is changing rapidly. In this context, people are often blamed, saying that due to the anthropogenic factor there is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So one of two alternatives is needed – either to reduce the number of people or to switch to alternative energy sources. And if the first one is more or less clear, the latter is not so unambiguous.

The consumerist format of society, alas, dictates the laws of the market, in which alternative sources of heating houses are represented exclusively by “green energy”. But actually, the harmful (in environmental terms) production of wind turbines and solar panels and their recycling are forgotten (or rather, deliberately silenced). Not to mention the fact that with climate change and extreme rainfall (and temperature fluctuations!) “green energy” breaks down, people die from the cold.

Today, everyone is beginning to realize this, thanks to the Internet, and everyone can analyze the situation calmly. It would be foolish to give up traditional energy sources, nuclear power plants, coal, oil, and gas, given the climate collapse. This is why the most radical “greens” are seriously looking towards the reduction of people – yes, you heard that right! It’s crazy, but it’s already happening, people of the older generation are being blamed for the excessive carbon footprint.

To sum up, there are two groups of research scientists today: some are screaming that people are to blame, while others are saying that the climate is not changing (or has always been changing and “green energy” will save everyone). And at the end of the day, neither of them is right… So what’s really going on? There is now an increase in deep-focus earthquakes and volcanic activity, as well as ocean heating and melting glaciers. As a result, other atmospheric phenomena like hurricanes and tornadoes are increasing and becoming more frequent. The magnetic field is shifting, abnormal temperature fluctuations are recorded, and so on.

Observations really show the activation of the bowels of the Earth and its heating. This is evidenced by satellite data, radiosondes, well analysis, observations of melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and melting permafrost. There is simply no room for doubt: the Earth is experiencing a significant rapid warming trend. But the most important thing is that people have nothing to do with it, or rather, the anthropogenic factor and CO2. Because, due to unprecedented heating, the oceans are emitting much more CO2 into the atmosphere than all of humanity.

Ocean heating is associated with cyclicity, a period of once every 12 thousand years. And today is another peak of such events. What happens at the time of the peak can be seen from the analysis of ice cores in Antarctica and Greenland. For people, this data does not bode well. This happened both 12 thousand years ago and 24 thousand years ago, regularly. This is the regular cyclicity related to cosmic processes. Today, climatologists have already found out that the climate on Earth is changing faster than 24 thousand years ago, during the last advance of glaciers in Eurasia and North America. The results of the study were published in the Nature scientific journal.

So, the facts are clear: the climate is changing for reasons beyond the control of human activity. So what to do now and where to run? To build bunkers? Not at all. They will not save you from such a disaster anyway. The point is that the magnitude of the changes taking place in the climate should correlate with an equally large-scale awareness of the planet’s inhabitants as a truly intelligent civilization. And this implies the unification of scientific potential. Everything is simple. All together: for scientists, journalists, politicians, public figures, and so on – it is much easier to arrange to brainstorm and solve a difficult task, to understand the reasons for what is happening.

Today we have precisely such a task – to preserve the human species, to pass with honor, with minimal losses, a series of natural anomalies, and to reach a new level of development. In the Creative Society, this will not be difficult, but in the current consumerist format, this is impossible due to indifference and bureaucracy. Volunteer movement and a neutral information platform, which will broadcast the international forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live” on May 7 shows that it’s not too late yet. The live broadcast starts at 15:00 GMT / 11am EST/ Detroit Time.

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