Breaking News: 250K Green Cards Are Ready To Be Issued | Immigration Agencies to Reduce Backlogs

Breaking News: 250K Green Cards Are Ready To Be Issued | Immigration Agencies to Reduce Backlogs
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A record surplus of green cards available this year is putting the pressure on top immigration agency officials to issue all available visas before the fiscal year ends.
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More than 66,000 employment-based green cards went to waste last year as US Citizenship and Immigration Services officials worked through massive pandemic-driven backlogs and an unprecedented number of petitions for work visas.
The agency faces an even bigger workload this year than last—280,000 green cards compared to 262,000 in fiscal 2021—but said it’s well-positioned to issue all of the available visas before the fiscal year ends Sept. 30.
The unprecedented number of available work-based green cards could mean an infusion of newly mobile workers to help meet an ongoing labor shortage. Unlike temporary work visas such as H-1Bs, green cards allow workers to switch employers freely without losing their immigration status.
The green-card surplus also promises faster resolution for thousands of Indian and Chinese immigrants stuck in years-long backlogs because of per-country visa caps.

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