BiggBang Coworking Space launches in Mohali, India. Aims to help IT companies & startups in the city

BiggBang Coworking Space

BiggBang Coworking Space

BiggBang Coworking Space

BiggBang Coworking Space Interior Photo

BiggBang Coworking Space Interior Photo

Looking for working space for your start-ups in Mohali? Then look no further, BiggBang Coworking Space in Mohali is one of the best coworking spaces

Our goal is to develop a motivational environment where future motivators can establish their empire and dominate the sector.”

— Saumil Kohli

MOHALI, PUNJAB, INDIA, July 15, 2022 / — Looking for working space for your start-ups in Mohali? Then look no further, BiggBang Coworking Space in Mohali is one of the best coworking spaces with excellent infrastructure and a motivating working environment.

What is a Coworking Space?
A coworking space is a shared public area, quite similar to professional offices, where independent workers and professionals gather to work on their individual projects. Coworking spaces are on the rise and are spreading around the world rapidly. In India, the rise in start-ups has also led to an increased demand for coworking spaces.
Therefore, many cities have seen a spike in the number of coworking spaces!

Coworking Space in Chandigarh
Coworking is very popular among freelancers, independent workers, remote workers, small enterprises, Startups, etc.

One may wonder why?
Well, the reason for its popularity could be that the independent workers can get a chance to experience an office-like environment, far away from the distractions of cafes and homes, except they have to pay for this experience. For start-ups, coworking provides so many benefits, that it is difficult to ignore them when their funds are tight. For them, the most profitable option is coworking space.
One amazing feature of coworking space is that you can experience workplace diversity!

Office space for rent in mohali
While there are many coworking spaces in Mohali that are quite suitable for your start-up our recommendation is the BiggBang Coworking space. Start-ups can easily thrive off of these spaces, because of how cost-efficient and advantageous they are. BiggBang is one such coworking space in Mohali where start-ups would get the best of facilities and opportunities.
Mohali has coworking spaces like BiggBang, Qowork, Pouncethat Coworking, SpaceJam, etc.

What makes BiggBang a Good Choice?
Searching for a nice coworking space for your start-up? No worries, BiggBang to the rescue!
We all understand that for start-ups the working space is an important factor, the space where you establish your start-up becomes the official address for the company, and your company’s address also represents the reputation and the image of your company. Therefore, choosing the best option out there is the only acceptable choice. The working environment also helps in motivating your employees and instilling in them a team spirit and a sense of comradeship.

About BiggBang Coworking Space
BiggBang seeks to provide a functional and productive environment for coworking. They attempt to provide their members with the best infrastructure for growing businesses, and start-ups, at great prices. They provide services to start-ups, Corporates, and Entrepreneurs.

The BiggBang coworking space gives you an option to choose the type of environment you prefer to work in, it could anyone from the given below choices:
Private Space
Shared Workspace
Event Spaces
Meeting Rooms

BiggBang allows you to work in a great professional environment where you can also experience workplace diversity. This will allow you to meet talented individuals who are great at work, and who have the potential to be great collaborators, and advisors, you can even recruit them.

BiggBang, like every other coworking space, is open 24X7 all year round, therefore you get maximum accessibility and work at flexible hours. They have all the facilities to ensure that your work experience is smooth without any roadblocks.

Hot Desking is one of the amazing features that you can experience while in BiggBang Coworking Space. People with innovative minds do not like to sit in one particular space. Sometimes we need a change of environment to come up with interesting ideas. Therefore, at BiggBang, the desks are used by different people at different times. To ensure space efficiency and flexibility.
What can you expect?

They also provide you with standard amenities like:
High-speed internet and Wi-Fi support
Hot desk
Personal office
Meeting rooms
Event space
Motivating environment and good infrastructure
Sufficient Parking Space
Resting space
Cleaning Services

How much does it cost?
At BiggBang Coworking space in Mohali, you can book a dedicated desk for the price of 7000 rupees per month. You can have your own individual desk with other necessary facilities like Wi-Fi, etc. These desks can be used by the workers until their designated time is up.

If you wish to work in your own personalized office or cabin, then you can book your preferred cabin. The starting prices to book your own cabin begins from 6000 rupees, the price may increase in accordance with the additions you may require. This Coworking space also allows you to hold events at their event room for the price of 10000 rupees per event, with basic facilities.

BiggBang Coworking space is a great choice for start-ups to access a working space that is not only convenient but also supportive. At BiggBang you can work in a professional environment that is filled with highly motivated people. The environment at BiggBang will surely prove to be quite advantageous to your budding company.

You can work at flexible hours because BiggBang has features like hotdesking to ensure the efficient usage of space. You will get experience workplace diversity, so will have access to individuals who are highly talented and can be quite beneficial.
It provides you with great facilities with a great price range, start-ups can especially benefit from these and function efficiently!

Saumil Kohli
Applancer Services Private Limited
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