Who Deserves to Be a New Member of IIADA Board of Directors?

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The Indiana Independent Automobile Dealer Association has elected a new member of the board – GM at the Indianapolis used car dealership Indy Auto Man.

Thanks to the IIADA and NADA conventions, we can perfectly pick out the best practices from other market players, adopt the experience of colleagues and raise the services we provide to the top level.”

— Eugene Gorin

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, June 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Being the only trade association representing the union of independent used car dealers in Indiana, the Indiana Independent Automobile Dealer Association (IIADA) has a solid track record of fair dealing managed by the most dedicated people from all over the state. Since 1987, IIADA includes in its membership dealers of all sizes and acts as their official voice and legal support in their accomplishments. Getting on the board of IIADA requires the strongest devotion to the respect of customers, compliance with federal, state, and local laws, as well as constant improvement of business methods and client service.

Enthusiastic businessman and committed Indiana community member, Victor Figlin, together with his business partner and the Indy Auto Man co-founder Eugene Gorin, managed to grow the company from a small car seller into a top-rated Indianapolis used car dealership with thousands of grateful clients. According to the Indy Auto Man staff, the secret of success is in the endeavor and dedication of every team member to bringing value to customers and the community. Since 2008, the dealer has built a strong network with local businesses, finance, and charity organizations, to deliver benefits to all people engaged and also get an opportunity to sponsor different social events.

“Victor is a great and kind person and a creative manager. He rightly deserves this membership. His care for people around, for their necessities and sorrows, and his ability to set their interests in the first place pushed the whole company to change the way we work. Today, we organize the service by adding innovative methods and integrating them into business processes. Victor is extremely hardworking and absolutely unresting in his pursuit of progress and improvement.” Eugene Gorin says.

“For example, during the pandemic, we integrated online car sales and rebuilt our management to guarantee that our customers get the most of the information without visiting the dealer center. It also became possible to expand our service coverage with car delivery and an option of a free 30-mile taxi drive to the dealership. All our team is happy to have such a leader and express the congratulations to Victor.”

The team of the Indy Auto Man used car dealership puts strong efforts into changing the life of Indiana citizens for the better. Among their initiatives are IAM 4 Indy car donation program and sponsorship of the annual Indy Arts Fest. The dealership allocates a share of funds from each car sale to charity.

“I’m extremely grateful for the credibility to be among the board of directors. This opportunity put on me additional responsibility to Indiana citizens and add inspiration for more innovations in the auto industry. Now I’m determined to repay the trust and do more for Indiana, now at the state level,” Victor says.

Victor Figlin is aspiring to be well-known as an active participant in the IIADA events. Organized regularly, the Indiana Independent Automobile Dealer Association events are intended to help Indiana-based dealers to connect, extend their knowledge in management and finance, marketing, and economics, discover the latest tendencies in different domains, and share business insights. IIADA membership means a possibility for each dealer to figure out the experience of others, discuss achievements and failures, and bring the business up to the highest standards. This intercommunication between local dealers of Indiana makes it possible to compete with the industry giants, receive legal support, develop, and advocate honor, integrity, and fair dealing. Everything to provide the local customers with personal attention and a high level of service.

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