New Small Acoustic Directional Receiver for Subsea Vehicles 

RJE International has announced that it is now offering a small acoustic directional receiver designed for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). 

Based on the company’s VADR-6000M subsea vehicle acoustic receiver, the new VADR/RM-6000M is depth rated to 6000 meters and tracks all acoustic pingers that operate from 8 to 45kHz. It can also track and locate RJE’s custom line of acoustic transponders, the ATT-400 series. 

Using separate components, the VADR/RM-6000M provides flexible installation options and using an RS232 data interface the operator has access to directional indication, operational information, and control functions of the receiver. RJE’s unique omni-directional hydrophone provides a 360-degree field of view for detection while providing bearing indication to the acoustic source. Using an RS232 data interface and ASCII data string, commands can be written that allow the AUV to detect an acoustic sound source and then direct the AUV to the sound source using the bearing indication provided by the system. 

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