Lithuanians Crowdfund Bayraktar TB2 for Ukraine

In just 3.5 days of collecting, the Lithuanian people raised five million euros to buy a Turkish UAS Bayraktar TB2 to donate to the Ukrainian defense forces.

This money will be managed by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, which will act as purchaser to the Turkish Government and the Baykar company, manufacturer of the Bayraktar TB2.

The campaign was initiated by Laisves TV, a local online television station, and the Lithuanian Minister of Defense and other government officials quickly got on board.

Defence Minister Arvydas Anusajskas stated on Sunday that his deputy would leave for Turkey early next week to sign a letter of intent for the purchase. “There will be a lot of paperwork,” he warned journalists. “However, we expect to receive a good welcome from everyone.”

Ukraine purchased, at least until the beginning of the conflict, more than thirty Turkish unmanned aerial systems Bayraktar TB2, which have been performing outstandingly well against Russian forces since the beginning of the conflict, including the first naval air victories of this type of platforms in the world.

Given the good results of this very peculiar crowdfunding campaign, it is likely that several replicas will emerge in the near future, in order to continue buying weaponry so that Ukraine can stay in the fight.

In fact, something similar to this assistance model had already been proposed by the Ukrainian Air Force in its #Buymeafighterjet initiative, in order to seek the help of the world’s millionaire individuals in the purchase of fighter jets, available on the second-hand market.

Source: Aviaconline


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