Scientistst Terrifying New Discovery Hidden In the Amazon Rain Forest!

You have probably bought things on the giant Amazon online store but if you look at the
map of South America, at the north is another huge Amazon spanning nine countries!
Colombia takes 10 percent of the Amazon forest, while Peru accounts for 13 percent.
However, look at Brazil, and you will see it hosts the lion’s share of the Amazon with 60
percent! Altogether, the Amazon covers a whopping landmass that can fit in the whole
European Union with room to spare, or double the size of Argentina!
The Amazon is, however, more interesting for just its size! It has been the site of many
amazing discoveries, but there is no end to them as there is still so much left to explore!
In this video, we bring you scientists’ terrifying new discoveries in the Amazon Forest
that change everything!

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originally published at Ag/Farm/Forestry Archives - Social Gov

This news story originally appeared at Ag/Farm/Forestry Archives - Social Gov on 25 July 2022

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