Quintillion Releases Guide on the HiLDA Ground Station

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quintillion has released a guide on the importance of the HiLDA ground station and why it has decided to expand its strategy up to space.

Quintillion has revolutionized connectivity in Alaska with the fiber optic cables that it implemented. The Alaskan company is the first and only telecommunications operator to build a subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network in the US Arctic.

This fiber optic cable network spans 1,700 miles, with 1,200 miles of subsea fiber cables and 500 miles of terrestrial fiber. It originates in Nome and transits along the west coast through Prudhoe Bay and Fairbanks before terminating in Seattle. Quintillion plans to expand its fiber optic cable system to connect it with Asia and Europe through the Arctic.

Quintillion’s strategy has now gone into space to help with satellite downlinking. The Quintillion High Latitude Data Acquisition (HiLDA) ground station is located in Utqiaġvik at 72 degrees latitude. This facility allows companies to launch satellites into space that can downlink and collect data multiple times a day.

The ground station is located in one of the highest-latitude locations in the United States. This provides US-based companies, government or military organizations, and American allies a neutral, secure location to downlink and process data from space. Additionally, HiLDA’s remote location provides an extra layer of security as it’s not easily accessible to possible adversaries.

Quintillion’s fiber optic cable network also allows satellite data to be transported to its final location more efficiently. Fiber optic cables are the most reliable and fastest way to relay information gathered from satellites. Access to this network enables Quintillion to bundle fiber with ground station services and connect the downlinking facility to major internet exchanges in the states.

In building the ground station and continuing to complete projects, Quintillion has partnered with:

– ASTAC: the premier local telecom operator on the North Slope

– ASRC Federal: a division of the largest regional Alaska Native corporation

– ATLAS: the developer of the award-winning Freedom™ Software platform

The resources page offers documents and presentations to provide the community and media with information on the Quintillion project and its impact. It also includes a helpful FAQ page and Quintillion’s up-to-date blog discussing industry news and company updates. For parties interested in how to utilize the HiLDA ground station for GSaaS or dedicated platform leasing, visit Quintillion’s website for more information.

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